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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Thin with "sharp" edges

As a producer of high-precision parts of very thin sheet metal (as of a thickness of 10 µm) and thin sheet metal (up to a thickness of 3 mm) as well as plastic films (as of a thickness of 7.5 µm), we have successfully conquered market niches. LiMaB GmbH has been known as a reliable service provider in Germany and the adjacent European countries since 1993. We produce laser cuttings at high precision for our business partners from the electronics, PCB industry and engineering, as well as medical and apparatus engineering. Depending on material type and thickness, we can achieve accuracies of a few micrometres.

We process sheet metal films of stainless steel, spring steel, tinplate, aluminium, brass, titanium, molybdenum, niobium and other thin metals. In addition to precision laser cutting of metal films, we also offer precision laser processing of laminated, metallised, vaporised or otherwise coated films of plastic.

We produce precisely processed formed parts in small and medium-sized series, but also as cost-efficient single pieces. We flexibly and quickly produce according to your CAD files or customer drawings. The machinery of LiMaB GmbH includes laser systems with outputs from a few watt up to 1 kW. We use our laser machines optimally for your application. We cut simple geometric outlines or complicated contours without special tools. There is no limit to the variety of forms.

In addition to laser cutting, LiMaB GmbH offers mechanical post-processing of high-precision parts. Of course, we supply your laser cuttings with fitting holes, counter bores and female threads. On our state-of-the-art CNC swivel bending machine, we produce the smallest bent parts and various folding parts without any additional tool costs and at a high accuracy of 10 µm and 0.1°.

For quality assurance, the cutting edges of the precisely cut laser parts are carefully finished and the surfaces are processed as necessary. Tiny high-precision parts are inspected under the microscope. At small tolerances, small parts are inspected with a digital measuring projector with a high measuring accuracy of 2 µm.

The performance range of LiMaB GmbH in the range of precision laser cutting includes:

  • High-precision formed parts and high-precision cut parts such as holding springs, connectors, contact elements, clips, brackets, clamps and any number of small parts for diverse uses
  • Spacer plates, shims, lining plates and leveling shims for engineering in small and large sizes, as of a thickness of 10 µm and up to a length of 2500 mm, as well as with any kind of geometric contour
  • Sliding sheets that are mostly used in engineering, of stainless steel with a thickness up to 3 mm or aluminium sheet with a thickness up to 2 mm
  • Print stencils, deposition masks, covering stencils, shadow masks for selective and adjusted coating, printing or shading of substrates or surfaces
  • Electronic housings of tinplate, shielding hoods for electronic components, sensor housings, shielding housings for the smallest PCBs, smallest housings for miniature assemblies
  • Washers, spacer rings, flat washers, shim rings and leveling shims in special sizes
  • Spacer rings, seals, gaskets, washers, adjusting washers, sealing rings and distance washers in universal sizes
  • Precision laser processing of laminated, metallised, vaporised or otherwise coated plastic films.
  • Laser-cutting of plastic and metal fabrics for filters, screens and shields
  • Precision laser cutting of paper and thin insulation materials

Torsten Dorsch
Team leader
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Uwe Koppe
Production preparation
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Nils Weinz
Managing director
Tel.: +49 (0)381 453763 31

LiMaB GmbH
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